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something that helps me

Post  sunnyrobin on Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:26 pm

Hi everyone-I'm new to the forum and ecstatic that I found you all. I don't know how active you are since alot of the posts I read were from last year. I had one painful migraine in my teens that I'll never forget. Now I have painfree migraines with weird symptoms that you all talk about-it's often though not always at night. I wake up with an upset stomach that goes to tingling in my hands then dizzyness and sweating. Then I start to shake which is especially in my legs and is seizure like. I get very cold and can't get warm. I deal with it by immediately taking a low dose valium and get under an electric blanket on high. When my symptoms subside my husband does pressure point therapy on my neck and shoulders which helps more than anything, except I have to take the valium. When this all first started I went to the ER, I had the paramedics at my house-I've had an EEG and don't have seizures, but I have essential tremors which I've had since I was 12. This makes my symptoms worse. I sleep with a natural rubber contour pillow and mattress. thanks for listening!


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