Having a bad week!

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Having a bad week!

Post  Tamsha101 on Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:12 pm

Since Sunday I've had such a bad week of migraine! I'm just not sure what's causing them this time. I see no pattern whatsoever in my daily journal. I've managed to go to work this week on my modified schedule but today was horrible and I think tomorrow I'll probably stay home - Friday is a holiday for us Canadians anyway. I just HATE calling in sick though - I get the "I told you so's" and the looks of pity when I return even though I am on partial disability. I wanted to show them I was getting better in hopes that I'd get my job back (they put me in a different position when I returned from disability).

I thought I was doing quite well of late and thought that perhaps my daily migraines were starting to improve but these past four days have pretty much laid that to rest. I JUST DONT GET IT! I'm so frustrated and sick of the pain and neurological symptoms - the ear ringing has been at its worst!

Sorry to rant everyone, I'm just having a really hard time. I hate this *!*!* disease!! Sad


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