My appointment today...

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My appointment today...

Post  Stillhurtin on Fri Jan 15, 2010 11:08 am

Well saw the ONGYN today. A lot going on. He didn't ultrasound my ovarian cyst b/c he wants to do a complete ultrasound of my uterus involving injecting some dye, so thats next wednesday. As for the 25 days now of heavy bleeding, he wants me to have an endometrial ablation (sp) but needs me to stop bleeding first! So...he sent me home on bed rest for the weekend with a script of Progesterone and Motrin. He also drew blood to check AGAIN for a possible tubal pregnancy (he's startin to freak me out w that-enough already!!) and b/c he is worried I may be coming anemic from all the blood loss.

He is going to call me in the morning about my blood results and next Wed when I see him for the Ultrasound we will discuss what to do about the cyst as well as schedule the ablation IF I have stopped bleeding.

And I am on day 7 of Migraines (2 different Migraines tho, just back to back-one lasted 4 days, on day 3 of this one).

That's my story. Bed rest should be great considering I had already invited three 5 yr old boys to sleep over Sat night. Smile

My hubby is good with them tho so whatever. I would hate to tell my son we were cancelling it.

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Re: My appointment today...

Post  Brain Pain Mom on Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:33 pm

You are in my thoughts! I have a fantastic OBGYN in Lake In The Hills..Dr Susan Howey. It took kissing many frogs to find her. I think i said before that I have Endometriosis (sp) and Crystal has already had some ovarian problems. She is very informative and patient. The only thing is that she has sooo many patients because she is so good. It can take awhile to get a regular visit scheduled unless it is an emergency. Good luck!
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