the fun of trips to the ER

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the fun of trips to the ER

Post  dcook60 on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:40 am

on the drug-seeking thread below, migrainegirl asked why we go to the ER, anyway, when most of the doctors are so not knowledgeable.

the desperation feeling of this kind of pain is why we go. i suppose i've been there about a dozen times over my 41-year history, and i can't say i've ever been helped much. even though i've not had the problem of being accused of addiction, drugs just don't touch my pain.

narcotics make me throw up violently, making an already terrible situation much worse. yes, even when given with an anti-nausea drug. that seems to just delay my reaction, so that i leave the hospital a tiny bit better, and then throw up for 24 hours at home.

so, every time i go to the ER, i pretty much vow never to go again. they can't help me, and neurologists can't help me, so i'm stuck with the pain. suffering at home is what i'm good at. and i know the pain will eventually get to a manageable level.

yikes, this is a depressing posts. but this is such a depressing disease. nope, sorry, i mean discouraging. there is a huge difference between being depressed and being discouraged. where are the breakthroughs for migraine? will it be in my lifetime? dianne


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Re: the fun of trips to the ER

Post  Brenda on Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:49 am

I'm right there with you. I've only gone to the ER one time for a migraine. He told me "you have a headache, go home and rest" and gave me a bottle with a couple of toradol in it, even though I told him right away that toradol was the first thing I'd ever been given and it didn't work. I vowed then and there, never to return for a migraine. I've had several that I should have gone in for, but refused. I was made to feel like a fool for even going in. Never again.

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Re: the fun of trips to the ER

Post  stephgood on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:37 pm

When I was in my extremely bad stage I was going about every 3 weeks! At that point nothing else was working and I wasn't taking Narcotics for pain management. I had many preventatives and they didn't prevent anything! I just had no choice, I had to get some relief, though many times it was little, it was something. We have revolving ER DR's around here. At this hospital there is a pool that comes out of a bigger city and they sort of just revolve.

Basically the ER is my breaking point. Going there is one of those things where you feel like crap because you have to go, and can even dread it. Then you spend a good four hours waiting, out of the comfort of home in a sterile, often hostile environment, just basically begging for someone to help you just a little. Yeah I hate it, and it is unfortunate that there is sometimes not alternative. I think many times we feel like we have to go to the ER when we get to the point of complete desperation, just to satisfy ourselves that we have done all we can to escape the pain, no matter for how long.

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Re: the fun of trips to the ER

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