Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

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Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  aloneinthezoo on Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:44 am

Hi folks,
Well it was another delightful trip to urgent care for me last night. I think that I should have my own engraved chair in their waiting room. However, this was very much unlike others. I was actually treated VERY kindly by the doc and asked a bunch of questions about my migraines and my meds. So, the UC doc upped my dosage of Topimax and also have me an Rx for Stadol NS. I have never taken this. Can anyone shed a little light on what this is like (maybe compared to dilaudid?...I have a pretty good response to dilaudid for breakthrough treatment.) Any information would be helpful.
Peace and Blessings.


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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  stephgood on Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:52 pm

Oh yes, I used this for quite a while!! I am not sure what dosage you have been given, but I was able to take 1-2 sprays every 6hours. It has been a long time, but this I remember too well!! Everyone reacts differently, keep that in mind. For me this was a WONDER drug. It took my pain away, but I had some rather funky reactions to it! At one point I had to use the 2 sprays everytime and eventually that led to nose bleeds.

sometimes it would kind of drip down the back of my throat and, well the taste was awful (puking). I found the only thing that would rid me of the flavor was a cough drop! Try not to inhale too deeply, that is what caused it to go down my throat. Take caution using this, I have heard it can me very habit forming. I didn't seem to have that problem myself. There is a chunk of my life that is missing because when I took Stadol, I ended up really...high??? I don't remember much of things that went on when I was medicated on it. I suggest not driving on it either. I made it from point a to point b but have no idea how I did.

I am not trying to scare you. With all of that, for a while it was a lifesaver for me. It does help with the pain. Hopefully you won't have these issues. I have strange reactions to certain drugs, and many things don't work on me at all. This WORKED, just a little too well. Even if I just took the one spray. I hope this helps and you get some relief! Please let me know if you get a buzzed, or high feeling from it, I have often wondered if it was the drug or just me!!! LOL Very Happy thanks!

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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  carlajo on Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:40 pm


I have taken Stadol in the past. At first it worked really well for me and saved me from the ER many times.

I did realize that the more I took it (could take 2 sprays every 4 hours) my tolerance did increase and it didn't work as well for me any more. My husband also remembers our insurance refusing to pay for it more than like once a month back then...and back then it was $100 a bottle...

We eventually switched to oral pain meds and kept the Stadol just for when I was too nauseous to keep pills down. We also added a suppository form of some meds which helped that problem as well. Eventually I just stopped getting it refilled and was able to use other medications.

One of the difficulties I had was that I have a lot of sinus issues and often have a runny or stuffed-up nose. This would affect the effectiveness of the medication because my nose was stuffy or whatever. So during those times I would use a salt-water nasal spray before the Stadol. It would help, but I never felt the medication helped as much when I had to do that.

Stadol made me VERY thirsty, extremely!! It would stick around for days after I used the Stadol. The taste is awful. I don't know the technical term for it but I am VERY short-tempered when I am taking Stadol. Very agitated and impatient. But that was just me...

I do think with Stadol it has some kind of ingredient (antagonist or something?) that makes other medicines you use with the Stadol ineffective or something?? Not sure but I think I remember something about that.

I am glad it is working for you so far!! What a relief to find something that gives us RELIEF!! Smile

Keep us posted,


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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  Paradox on Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:12 pm

I had success with it but quit using it when I found I enjoyed "woo hoo" feeling it gave me. I was beginning to use when it really wasn't called for. It was supposed to be my last line of defense not my first!

That being said, it is very good for pain relief...just don't use it too often, tolerance does build quickly.

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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  Mianna on Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:31 am

I was given an INJECTION of Stadol many years ago. I was given the shot at my Dr.'s office/clinic setting, sent home and within minutes during the ride home I was agressive, agitated at the person driving. A few more minutes and I am home and I am so upset I can barely get my clothes off and into my nightgown. Three more minutes and I am think people are watching the house, in the house, etc.

My family consisted of a Registered grandmother. She sat me down in the living room where she could observe me. I got really worked up and was seeing people on our walls watching us.

Next thing I know, as I am told, I started rapid breathing, became unconcious, 911 was called. They tried to get me to come to, could not. Was given several rounds of meds in the ambulance to stop this action of the drug.

I truly thought I was going to die. I came too in the ambulance at some point.....felt like the air was being sucked from my lungs, had tunnel white vision......thought I was on my way to heaven.

Then all of a sudden.....BOOM!........and I was 'back' again.

Awful experience. Spent about 10hrs in the ER, still had a h/a.

From the shot to the 911 more than 20-25 minutes.

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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  Brenda on Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:43 pm

I used to take this medication. I found it made me feel better for about a half hour then I would rebound with a worse headache than I had in the first place. Between that and the fact it dripped down my throat and would taste so bad it made me throw up, it wasn't a good med for me. I truly hope it works for you and gives you some relief. I find I have good luck with a combo of injectables. Nalbuphin (Nubain) and supatriptain (Imitrex) Migraines are definitely a trial and error kind of thing. I hope you find something that helps you soon.

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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  somebodyhealme on Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:08 am

I've been using Stadol nasal spray for years for my worst migraine-related pain. It's effective for me, but as others have mentioned my tolerance is off the charts. It's pretty strong stuff, so you definitely want to be careful about seeing how you react when you start using it. I hope it might be helpful for you.

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migraines, stadol, other drugs

Post  ciaraj on Fri May 10, 2013 4:57 pm

I know this is years late, but I took Stadol for migraines for several years. It made me too zonked to use during the day (I was still working and had to drive), but it eased the pain some in the evenings. It is addictive, but I did not become addicted to it, perhaps because I knew when I started taking it that it could become a nightmare. I didn't find the sensation of Stadol very pleasant, even though it did ease the pain. I'd had it for the pain from endometriosis the last two months before I gave up and had a hysterectomy. The surgery stopped the endometriosis pain, but had no effect on migraines! (Don't believe people who tell you any powerful painkiller isn't addictive; if the drug is to treat pain, rather than a specific condition like migraine, it's probably addictive. Never take more than has been prescribed because if you run out too soon, most doctors won't write for extra and most pharmacists won't fill the next prescription early. Your insurance company will not pay for an early refill of anything.) You don't want to deal with addiction or withdrawal -- or a week-long migraine with nothing but aspirin.

Before trying Stadol (now known as butorphanol, as the company with the patent on the name stopped making it, but it is available generically), ask your doctor about "beta-blockers." They prevent migraines in some people but they are not a pain killer. They're actually used to treat high blood pressure, so taking extra is a real bad idea. They are not analgesics, not sedatives, and with 25+ years of migraines, I found them as effective as anything. If you take too much, your blood pressure will nose-dive and so will you. Taking too much of any drug is foolish, each for a different reason. With a worse-than-normal migraine, the temptation is there to take extra, but you're liable to end up with another killer migraine and no analgesics for a week.

I was lucky in that I didn't get sick to my stomach very often from migraines (but I did from Imitrex injections). I did best with the beta-blockers (any one of them) and a number of soft ice-packs that I kept in the freezer. I would keep each one in a resealable plastic bag so they didn't absorb any freezer odors. (It would be so mild I couldn't smell anything on a normal day, but with a migraine, the odor could be overwhelming.) I'd often leave my sunglasses on all day at work because it helped reduce the stress from the overhead lights. It's unlikely you're going to cause damage by missing a few meals, unless you've got diabetes. (If you do, discuss how to handle the potential of missing meals with your doctor.)

One thing I found that also helps ease migraines is coffee. If you normally drink a lot of coffee (or cola), caffeine withdrawal will cause a true migraine. Extra caffeine often helps ease a migraine. Crying will irritate your sinuses and make the headache worse. People who've never had a migraine will never understand, so don't expect them to. It's best to ignore them or they'll tell you about how they had a headache once, and there's no way to explain that a migraine isn't a "headache"; it involves your whole body. If necessary, get earplugs and a "sleep" mask. If you can afford to do so, get light-blocking curtains that are wider, higher, and longer than your bedroom (or den) windows, so you can have a dark, quiet room. They are frustrating but you will survive.

In addition to migraines and some other problems, I have lupus. Eventually, my internist decided it was time for me to retire on disability for the lupus. The migraines went from effectively constant (i.e., 4 days, a day off when I was useless, then the next migraine would wake me, and I repeated that cycle for years) to one or two short migraines a month (less than 24 hours each), sometimes I go six weeks without a migraine. (I did have one migraine when I was still working that lasted six full weeks. That was miserable, but I survived.)


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Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

Post  Cindy*W on Mon May 20, 2013 12:36 am

Took Stadol 5 or 6 years ago and it really is a good pain reliever.

The problems I had with it, like some others mentioned, was the tolerance issue.

Never have I been on a drug where my tolerance level rose so quickly.

I guess if you were able to just take it as a last resort instead of going to ER and you didn't have to take it often, it might be just fine.

Hope you find something that works for you.



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Re: Stadol? Anyone have an experience?

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