New member-honored to be here!!

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New member-honored to be here!!

Post  carlajo on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:18 pm

Hello everyone! Very Happy

I am new to the forum as a "poster" but I have been a lurker for years!! I have gained so much strength from all of your posts and am excited and honored to be "among you" now!

My story is so familiar to all of you, I don't even know where to accident when I was 5 and a closed head injury is the "official" reason for my migraines. In the car accident I also had both of my femurs crushed and it was unlikely that I would walk again, so I took up gymnastics to get strong and cheerleading later! Well I got strong but also had secondary head injuries caused by falls in both sports.

Continued cheering thru college, when the headaches increased to daily, whereas before they were less than three a month. So I started the process that is still continuing of doctors/tests/surgeries/etc. Was put on so many medicines over the years, as have all of you, and nothing really helped/helps.

Have had really serious symptoms with my migraines, including a b/p that registered at 280/180 at the Mayo Clinic last fall (on one of my five visits there). Some issues with my heart, lungs and kidneys as well...its so similar to what I have seen you all have gone thru also.

So here I am, trying to live day to day with basically a headache every day. I am a certified Special Education/Elementary Education teacher but am unable to work, even as a Substitute anymore. I have also worked for a non-profit agency helping pe ople with developmental disabilities but was fired due to absences. I haven't been able to work for over two years now. Its a big deal to me when I can make plans with a friend and follow thru on them and not have to cancel! (seriously!)

I have an amazing husband who treats me like a princess every day-really! We are unable to have children but are considering adopting if I can ever get to a place with my health where that is even a possibility. We have one very fat cat named "Eddie." He is the smartest cat in the world and actually plays "fetch"!! Smile

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! It is great to feel like I'm among friends, even though this is my first post!

Finding joy in the small things,


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Re: New member-honored to be here!!

Post  stephgood on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:33 pm

Hi! It is nice to hear from you! Well...not really LOL I wish you wouldn't have to even think about this site, but since you have to have migraines, it is nice to have support! For several years I just kind of monitored posts myself, but since deciding to actually introduce myself and post, I have gotten a lot more out of the site. Anyways it is nice to "meet" you, although I wish you weren't having these troubles!

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Re: New member-honored to be here!!

Post  Mini on Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:49 pm

I would just like to say a warm welcome to you, Carlajo, and I hope that now you are among us, you will stay and we are looking forward to more of your posts.
You cat sounds very, very clever. What are you feeding him?

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Re: New member-honored to be here!!

Post  kimsmom on Thu Feb 24, 2011 7:52 am

Welcome Carlajo. I have been on this site for over 10 years. I have gained a lot of useful information regarding both migraines and "fun stuff" on the misc site. I read books all the time and have read many books that other people here have recomended.

Looking forward to your posts and so sorry you have the chronic dailys like I do. Very frustrating and like you said hard to plan anything. Hopeing in time you get better to a point where you can get back to work.


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Re: New member-honored to be here!!

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