I serve as a warning

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I serve as a warning

Post  HeadCase#999 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:25 am

I know most people think if you suffer migraines then you can't possibly have a tumor. I just want to make sure that everyone who suffers these monstrous things, for cautions sake, at least once during there lives gets an MRI or CT Scan.
I started having migraines at 13. It runs in the family so thankfully I didn't have to explain myself. Jump to age 35. My monthly migraine suddenly changed from something I could deal with using NSAIDs to something that no drug touched.
At first it started with a sharp pain to the left temple that dropped me to the floor of a Barnes and Noble. I managed to get back up and find my husband and take off for the nearest hospital. I was treated like a drug addict. Jump to age 45. I have now suffered one to two attacks per month that last 4 to 5 days, for 10 freaking years. So you have your usual symptoms, phonophobia, photophobia, severe pain, vomiting, nausea, can't think. All sounds perfectly normal till you add in the things I ignored because... well the pain is distracting. My teeth had begun to float around in my head causing gaps that I assumed were my fault for not brushing 3 times a day, my feet grew in width slowly, so slowly I didn't really notice I just bought boys shoes cuz they fit better. Weight gain and weight loss for no good reason, and the weight loss always involved vomiting for days, I assumed I had a flu. My knuckles slowly became larger and my rings didn't fit anymore, again I ignored it assuming it was an age thing. My hair thinned out and it wasn't curly anymore, just dry and lifeless, again I thought age. My blood pressure which was always low suddenly goes high, and it's the bottom number that is going high. NOT GOOD. So long story short I call my doctors office once or twice a month trying to get an appointment with him while I have a headache so he can see that I'm not kidding when I say they are violently painful. 8 months it took before I could get in to see him while having a migraine. He leaves me in a room for 6 hours and then gives me a shot of vistril and tordal. Sends me home. As soon as I got home the pain returned and that migraine lasted 6 days. So after calling and being a general pain in the ___! He sends me to a neurologist, the neurologist starts looking at my skin and hair and my teeth and hands. Doesn't say much just sends me off to get an MRI. 4 days later I find I have a huge pituitary macroadenoma, it was secreting GH, ACTH and TSH. Neurologist had done a complete blood workup at the same time as the MRI. He knew what I had with out an MRI. Now he's a demi god for figuring it out. My neurosurgeon is god for getting the whole tumor out.
I'm back to having my usual migraine that can be fixed with a sumatriptan, freaking HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!
So don't get distracted! Pay close attention to your body and don't always assume it's age. No one should have to go through this. The doctors I came in contact with were idiots for not checking my noggin right off the bat when I uttered the words "THIS IS THE WORST HEADACHE I HAVE EVER HAD" in between vomiting. Funny the tumor had apparently bled on a few occasions, those were probably the three times I sought treatment at an ER or urgent care. HA! Take care off of that and you'd have a more truthful statement. Once I found I had a tumor, you bet everyone who had ever told me to drink tea or take magnesium or any number of other stupid things, they suddenly got all sympathetic. ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Mad
Please get your head checked if you haven't already. And ignore the buffoons who don't know what pain is, there is a karmic debt that will have to be paid by all naysayers.


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Re: I serve as a warning

Post  CluelessKitty on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:51 pm

This is a horrific story,
and indeed looks like you were surrounded by pathetic quacks because as it happens at one point
I was very heavy into researching Cushing's syndrome and Addison's syndrome and even I had suspicion maybe your symptoms were connected to adrenal glands- I, without a shred of proper medical knowledge, just a Google fiend!
And pituitary macroadenoma, in a way a pituitary gland does have a connection with adrenal glands somehow I guess. Oh my world.

I am speechless how long it took to take a proper care of you, but glad it finally happened so you don't have to suffer anymore and most of all, you are safe from getting deadly sick from the tumor.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

At one point I did had an MRI and it was fine except for showing I was having M (migraine) at the time.

But I guess perhaps it's good to have it done again after maybe 5 or so years...?



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Re: I serve as a warning

Post  Paradox on Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:39 pm

I have one about every four years. But, a good word of warning.

When I had a bad reaction to a drug I couldn't function well enough to figure it out and the docs didn't put it together for two years. Then I switched docs and viola, magic. Bi-polar cured. Jerks, I never was bipolar in the first place....it was the freakin preventative they had me one. It made me psychotic.

I'm so glad you finally got it figured out and you're better.

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Re: I serve as a warning

Post  Migrainegirl on Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:58 pm

Thanks for sharing your story. It is indeed a good reminder not to get blown off by doctors, and to make sure we get taken seriously or find a new doctor.

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Re: I serve as a warning

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