anyone 100% housebound 100% of the time....

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Re: anyone 100% housebound 100% of the time....

Post  Migrainegirl on Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:24 pm

We (most of the time) look "normal" and bear no visible scars....
This is to our detriment

I think you hit the nail on the head Pen. It is for the most part a silent disease. If we went around with a giant axe through our heads (like we feel), it might get more attention.

I think most people think that migraine is an occasional bad headache. Unpleasant, but not a really big problem. And for many people that is probably the case. And while chronic, not many direct deaths are blamed on migraine. (Let's face it, cancer, aids, child leukemia are more gut wrenching. They lead to walkathons, etc....)

But the reality of chronic migraine which takes up significant portions of our lives, making for many difficulties with working, a career, or taking care of ones family, is far beyond what most people realize. But the only thing that will change the medical funding problem is for a good case to be made to the research funding agencies (NIH and the like) that better cures will reduce medical costs and reduce absenteeism and disability costs. AND there have to be researchers who want to go after cures and have ideas worth pursuing.

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Re: anyone 100% housebound 100% of the time....

Post  Johnfd on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:38 am

I don't get out much. It's a combination of feeling physically ill all the time due to the migraines, persistent headaches and depression. There are many days when it is physically impossible to even cross the road to the village shop to buy milk and days when I can't drive because I can't look left-right-left without making things worse. Other days it is just about possible and, with the help of my wife, I'm trying to force myself out every day I can for at least a 15 minute walk. It does help lift my mood.

Then again a time will come when suddenly I can do most things for a few days. I even used to ride a motor bike, but I've given that up at least for a while.

It is miserable being stuck in doors. What do you do with yourself? I've done just about all I can on my family tree.

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Re: anyone 100% housebound 100% of the time....

Post  pen on Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:52 am

John, your situation sounds much like mine.
I too am into family history and got a lot of brick walls I cant break down.
I try to write when my head and concentration (fibro) will allow.
Otherwise I potter about the house as and when I can and watch mindless boring daytime TV.

We were offline for 14 days and I really missed the internet.
I didnt realise how good it was to have that connection with the outside world until it was gone.

its not a trade of for human company though...

I dont know about Wales, but here it is so dark outside it might not be almost noon...but midnight...


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Re: anyone 100% housebound 100% of the time....

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