I can't sleep.......HELP

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I can't sleep.......HELP

Post  chrissypalgal on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:20 am

I am having the hardest time staying asleep. I have been using melatonin, but its not working anymore.

What have you guys tried that worked well for you? Has anyone gone to a sleep doc and had good results?

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Re: I can't sleep.......HELP

Post  dcook60 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:49 am

chrissy, sleep issues are very complicated. if you have insurance that will pay for an overnight sleep study, it's definitely indicated.

personally, with my 25-year history of crappy sleep, i've been to 4 or 5 different sleep docs, and have had 5 sleep studies. long story you don't wanta hear!

i am not able to tolerate CPAP (the mask thing that blows air down your throat) but many people can, if they have the diagnosis of apnea. drugs are 'iffy'. they all quit working after using them for a long time.

my solution now is to alternate two antihistamines and/or drugs with sedative properties. lots of people find that as little as 25 mg. of benadryl (OTC) helps them enormously. others have to take a bigger dose.

i take vistaril one night and phenergan the next. at least that's my present regimen; it will change. they are both older drugs, and i do better with older ones. melatonin never did a thing for me.

one must experiment, and in order to do that, one must have a doctor who will allow you leeway in dosages of these things. a good sleep specialist is a huge help, but they are not miracle workers.

my sleep issues, even after 3 nasal and sinus surgeries, remain horrible. it's all tied up with the fibromyalgia, which causes baaaad sleep, and there's no cure for fibro. don't be discouraged, though, especially if you don't have fibro. get thee to a sleep clinic. dianne

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