Rebound Headaches???

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Rebound Headaches???

Post  Hannah on Sun Jun 27, 2010 2:21 pm

Has anyone experienced doctors that will automatically say your headaches are rebound headaches, even before they take your history and read your medical record? If so how did that make you feel and how did you handle it? Did you accept it or try to explain your migraine history?

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Post  rileyoday on Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:59 pm

In my six years of M, I have had Dr.s say rebound. In the early years I would go several weeks to prove them wrong but also because

What if it was? After a couple of those I would find a new Dr. Some DRs dont understand. You can recognize them. Funny I never

had a new Dr. ask who I was seeing or why I left them. Seven months ago I saw a GP filling in for my new Dr. gave him a brief

rundown of M and daily chronic, he wrote me script for clonodine .1 mg 3 x day. Four M in seven months. Thats how fast it can change.


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Post  dawn.binks on Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:33 am

ive not had one said i had rebounds b4 taking meds hist but once hed taken it and had to detox. they have obvously jumped to conclusions just because the highest cause of daily pain is rebound. if you do have rebound tho the relief is wonderful once you detox! a good neuro / gp who listens before diagnosis is what everyone with any condition needs! they need more training in it!!!

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Re: Rebound Headaches???

Post  Brent on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:18 am

My second neuro doc saw I was taking Imitrex and two minutes into the visit he said he doesn't want me to use it. Your typical rubber stamp, cut-n-paste care. I now know that to be a red flag since I never had re-bound head/face pain. My GP doc says she doubts re-bound to be a problem for most and it was especially true with my history.

Is it re-bound or the original pain that is still there except the meds wore off? IMHO too many docs just use that as an excuse to under medicate you. Several years ago the AMA issued notices to docs across the country to do a better job of prescribing pain meds to people in pain. This stemmed from research showing that narcotic addiction occurring in pain patients was not as big of a problem as most docs assumed or thought it was.

The AMA stated that there was too much needless suffering going on when efficient pain management was available. But it can seem to us mig patients they missed the notice.


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Re: Rebound Headaches???

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