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Why neurological doctors don’t tell cardiology doctors that they cure HBP (high blood pressure) patients in wrong way. How?

Because of their way of cure, neurology doctors have to take care after complication of HBP that may occur (intracerebral hemorrhage) . It's too important when doctor give medication to cure Blood Hypertension to tell patients that this medication don’t mean that the danger of blood hypertension is behind you all time you take this medication, but you must know that due to different reasons, one day this medication can be not sufficient for you, but you must to take bigger dose or an additional anti HT medication. What is the symptom that you will never ignore it to keep you away from danger?

This is the headaches and in especially nocturnal headaches (headaches at night). Don’t take any antialgic (sedative), drugs to get rid of headaches until you take the measure of blood pressure.

All HBP patients must know that approximately all cerebral vascular accidents due to high BP in sleeping time, because sleep position make BP in brain bigger than in standing position. So he must know that nocturnal headaches caused by HBP is very useful for him and its an alarm system to keep him away from danger.

It's too dangerous when doctor who treat HBP patients to not tell patients about the important of nocturnal headaches that occur when HBP became in very high value.

So he must tell patients that he must verify his BP before taken any antialgic medication, because if he take antialgic medication in case of headache caused by very high BP value that mean very high risk to occur an intracerebral hemorrhage while he sleeping.

(About 90% of HBP patients who are in the hospitals due to intra cranial hemorrage say the same thing: I weak up with sever headaches, so I took my sedative drugs, and I weak up here in the hospital with paralyzed arm, and leg. He will spend a lot of time doing physical therapy until his arm and leg will work again. All this situation can be easy avoided if he take an additional anti HBP medications.)
HBP patients must ask his doctor who give him his anti HBP medication these questions:

1- If I take this medication does that mean that HBP danger became behind me?

His answer will be No, due to variant factors your BP can raise even if you take your medication..

2- Does nocturnal headaches can indicate very HBP?

His answer will be yes, when blood pressure raise in more than 90% of BP patients will have very severe headaches.

3- In this case isn’t very wrong to take antialgic medication to get rid of headaches and go back to sleep.

His answer will be yes, because patients must take un additional anti HBP medication to make his BP go low and keep away from HBP danger at the same time he will get rid of these headaches.

4-Why you didn’t tell me about this dangerous situation and giving me this additional medication?

No answer!


Patients who have Low blood pressure must never when they wake up to go from lying position direct to the standing position without pass for at least 15 seconds in siting positions, because the free fall dawn can be happen with the risk of sever head trauma. To avoid this situation patients must drink water before sleeping, and even if you are hurry up, 15 seconds can save you, because in case of low blood pressure the vertigo that come from sitting postion to standing position usually not strong and patient can control it with his hands to avoid fall dawn, but from lying position to standing position can be very strong with complete lose of consciences.

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This information is for you to take care about the old persons who live with you.
Also migraine patients usually know his pain very well, any other kinds of headaches, you have to see what cause it. NOT TO SAY THAT MY MIGRAINE HEADACHES WAS CHANGED. NO IF YOU HAVE MIGRAINE HEADACHES DONT MEAN THAT ALL YOUR HEADACHES COME FROM MIGRAINE.


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