Bad driving

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Bad driving

Post  Paradox on Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:01 am

I was just driving home on a four lane highway, about 25 miles from my house.

I saw a vehicle from the funeral home my hubby works at pass me on the left. I put my left turn signal on and started to go into the left lane. And almost HIT the second vehicle from the funeral home. I swerved back into my lane, only to get a call from hubby, who, of course, was in the third vehicle from the funeral home and saw the whole thing.

I'm glad I was able to amuse everyone at the funeral home. Hubby's boss, who was in the first car called hubby laughing to ask if he saw me almost hit Vince. Embarassed


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Re: Bad driving

Post  CluelessKitty on Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:09 pm

aaah! ooops awkward. but Thank God nothing else happened, to you or anyone else!

I did a booboo lately driving, too.
I was in a hurry, a big hurry driving to an appmnt. Of course the minutes were ticking, I was worried I was going to be late. Before me was this godforsaken slug going barely at the speed limit and on the right of me likewise but slightly faster and at least proceeding to pass the slug,

so I was anxiously looking for a way change the lane and pass the slug, too. Finally!!, there was my chance, so I quickly shot into the right lane, floored it, and quickly overtook the slug - only forgot that there were lights right ahead and they were just changing to a red, too!
good thing I was with my daughter who started yelling "MOM RED LIGHT!!!" so I started to brake, but I slowed down in the middle of the intersection anyway.

I decided to speed away, figuring might as well proceed ahead seeing how I was already in there.

Thank God people at all corners were seeing me well in advance and all waited for me to finish my silly escapade.
There was anyway only one bicycle waiting to cross, but still - I could have hit him if he didn't wait!
sheesh. one can lost one's mind because of a stupid slow driver even if one is responsible for one's own action wholly and totally.


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Re: Bad driving

Post  LG on Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:21 pm

Nothing beats my husband. I swear guys, sometimes if I had to urinate, I would pee right on my seat
the way he drives. tongue

We were driving down to Savannah, Georgia from Hilton Head Island, SC in September and
there was this bridge. Now everyone is driving rediculously slow I admit, but theres like 4 cars ahead
of us. We are driving a crappy but wonderfully ecocomical, perfect for us Nissan Versa sedan (4cyl. 120
something horsepower). We are not equipt to pass 4 cars on a bridge. Sorry, nope. But what does
my husband do? Like a moron, he speeds up, cuts everyone off and drives INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!!
PEOPLE ARE PULLING OFF THE ROAD ON THE OTHER SIDE!!! I am sitting in the passengers seat not breathing
holding on to dear life and pointing to the my window trying desperately to say, "go over go over now please
go overpleasegoovernowplease" but nothing is working!

Silly husband sitting in the drivers silly grin on his face after seeing three whole cars pulled over on the
opposite side of the road, driving the speed limit and passing everyone up.

Let me tell you, that grin on his face didn't last very long!

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Re: Bad driving

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