Sick to your Stomach

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Sick to your Stomach

Post  LillianLovato27 on Thu May 27, 2010 9:27 am

Ok I'm just asking for opinions...
I've been migraine free for about 5 days.. but for the past 3 days I have felt sick.
Now it's like all MY migraine symptoms plus just feeling down right sick (like flu cold)

Once I've had a M with the pain on my face.. and I was wondering can you or do you consider yourself having a M (Well sort of a M) when you have the symptoms but not the head pain??

It's killing me, because I don't know what kind of Meds to take, I don't know how to treat my symptoms. (They sure aren't going away by themselves)

study Lillian

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Re: Sick to your Stomach

Post  estre004 on Thu May 27, 2010 11:25 am

Don't know what to tell you. Maybe you have an unrelated cold/flu type bug.


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Re: Sick to your Stomach

Post  pen on Thu May 27, 2010 12:07 pm

Lillian, I can only add that, when I had a stomach bug last Easter the dr came out to me and told me to take extra Triptans because any other illness can push the migraine. Maybe as Linda said you have another infection or something.

I would treat the flu/sick symptoms as something separate, and if you get a migraine treat that as an extra one because your immune system is stressed.

I know you are very young. Do you have parents or a room mate or somebody could maybe advise and go to the drug store for you if you feel so rough?

Sorry cant be more help.


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Re: Sick to your Stomach

Post  kathy on Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:38 pm

There is actually a migraine that appears with no haedache but it gives you stomach problems.
My uncle has this. After he will feel drained just lke I do with the headache.

I don't have any information on it but it is a migraine.


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Re: Sick to your Stomach

Post  tecky on Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:11 pm

I occasionally have a migraine with all the other symptoms but the head pain. Sometimes those other symptoms are more amplified.

Often this happens when I've been on a new preventative for several weeks and it's just starting to work on the head pain, and before I get the annoying side-effects that seem to come from every one I've tried. Once I get the significant side-effects I then need to discontinue the drug and I'm back to the head pain and all the associated symptoms at the same time.

I'd take Pen's advice to treat these symptoms separately from the migraine pain, i.e. anti-emetic, antacid, etc.

Hope you feel better soon. flower

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Re: Sick to your Stomach

Post  AuntieBubbs on Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:07 pm

Lillian, yes, you can get this. My nuero diagnosed me with it years ago, because I'd get all the symptoms but not the pain some of the time (other times I'd get both the pain and the symptoms too). He had a name for it - migraine equivalent. You can ask your nuero about that and see what he/she says.
I don't get the migraine equivalents any more, though, or at least very rarely, and I used to get them alot when I was in my 20s, so it may be something age related. Or it may be that my body chemistry just changed. I get more straight-up migraines now, unfortunately.

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Sick to your stomach

Post  Khalla on Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:13 am

Being sick to your stomach is most definitely part of a migraine. It depends if it becomes a full blown migraine, but some good things to help would be Phenergan, crackers, and ginger ale (if it trips your migraines then maybe sprite), but stay hydrated and something on your stomach. Rice, crackers. I have had this particular problem for years and its no fun. I also run a low grade fever during a migraine. I hope this helps.


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Re: Sick to your Stomach

Post  newtothis on Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:21 am

You can certainly get the other symptoms without the pain. I seldome get the whopping headache but when I do it's usually after the amplified other symptoms.

It's worth a try taking something for the stomach issue - it may still help.


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Re: Sick to your Stomach

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