Hmmm What to do? Vent

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Re: Hmmm What to do? Vent

Post  HeelerLady on Sat May 22, 2010 7:16 am

YAY! Hope it works out for you Richard and you get some relief. Smile

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Re: Hmmm What to do? Vent

Post  Paradox on Sat May 22, 2010 10:52 am


It was so good to hear a positive tenor in your last post. I'm hoping that you are going to feel AMAZING in just a short time.

I recently had a bad reaction to a med (Chantix) and the Dr wanted to put me on another med to counter-act it. NO! I don't want to get into that loop again where I'm taking one med to deal with the side effects of another med. I did that once and wound up taking a handful of med's morning and night. Now I just have two. One preventative and one as needed. I'm going off the Chantix and will just have to put up with some emotional issues for a little while.

Um, what did you take for your "plumbing" problem? My "as needed" med is causing constipation problems which is causing other problems.

Sending you warm wishes...

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Re: Hmmm What to do? Vent

Post  hpilgrim on Sat May 22, 2010 9:46 pm

Hi Richard:
I know what you mean about the cholesterol meds - at our age we probably need to take them (and my family history just about dictates that I take them) but who knows what harm they are doing?

My legs and joints just KILL me ... I am on a pain killer and don't want to ramp up on it. My back is bad. These are all a given every day. But I do suspect the leg and joint pain - I have a feeling it's caused by something else rather than my terrible disks.

No way to know for sure though... even with the cholesterol meds, my numbers are only "better" not Good... So the Dr. doesn't want me to come off them.

Neurontin seems to help with my general pain, BUT I gain 20-30 pounds on it, which causes my back to flair up horribly.

All this meds juggling can be terribly depressing, which is a 'whole 'nother story' ----

Lately I haven 't been painting; all I want to do is sleep away the pain. But I have a couple of kids (friends of my sons) staying with me right now, and it's pretty busy around here. She is due to give birth soon, and they were kicked out of their apartment - married too young, lost their jobs, etc.

I wish I could take Benadryl, but I seem to be allergic to it - it makes me feel as if I am being electrocuted...!

Sorry to have turned your vent into more like 'my vent' - but I do understand, and hope you can find a better path...

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Re: Hmmm What to do? Vent

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